Canyoning in Upper Austria

Gimbbach, Aqua Cowboy, Höllgraben, Mitterweißenbach and Grabenbach

The Gimbbach canyoning tour is short, fun and also suitable for children when the water level is low. Many of the slides and jumps can be done a second time.

The most well-known gorge in the Salzkammergut is the Grabenbach. This trench is very susceptible to water (rises quickly when it rains) and can therefore only be traversed in stable weather conditions.

Cold but still highly recommended is the short gorge in the Weißenbachtal between Weißenbach am Attersee and Bad Ischl, which is known by canyoning professionals as Devil's Bathtube. This canyon should not be underestimated, as dangerous situations can arise there very quickly if the water level is too high.

The Hohenzollern waterfall is the conclusion of the Aqua Cowboy canyoning tour in Bad Ischl. Even if the water level is already too high in many other gorges, this gorge can often still be entered safely.

The Höllgraben is located in Rosenau am Hengspass. A very demanding adventure course has been set up above the gorge, one of which is a kind of via ferrata with many zip lines (flying fox) and some exciting rope bridges.

There are of course other gorges in Upper Austria that may be of interest to ambitious gorge walkers, but cannot be offered by canyoning providers, for legal reasons or because of a very difficult access route.

This includes the Ötzbach at the entrance to the Stodertal and the halfpipe in the Brunnental. In the Kalkalpen National Park are the Hetz Gorge and the Hochschlachtbach (Panta Rhai), both of which are not allowed to be run commercially due to the National Park Act.

Just for the sake of completeness, we would also like to mention a small waterfall in Klaus an der Pyhrnbahn, which some companies sell as a canyoning tour. Even if this tour may be interesting for a few, very special groups, our personal enthusiasm for it is very limited.