Canyoning Bruckgraben

Gesäuse (Styria)

The Bruckgraben is an incredibly beautiful, very long canyon that is cut deep into the rock and has many abseiling points.

Monday to Friday:

€ 89,- per person

Weekends and Holidays:

€ 94,- per person
Group prices for companies, clubs, scouts, ... on request:

JUMPING (max. 3,5 m)
RAPPELLING (max. 25 m)

Like the Grabenbach, the Bruckgraben can only be walked in stable weather conditions (no risk of thunderstorms).
Since the ascent takes at least 1.5 hours and the descent through the canyon can hardly be done in under 4 hours, we have to start this tour at 8 a.m. There are no jumps and slides in the Bruckgraben, but hardly any other canyon in the region can compete with the impressive depth and depth of this trench. Only sporty people with canyoning experience can take part in this tour.

You don't want such a long ascent, but many jumps, then please take a look at the description of the Strubklamm.