Canyoning Gimbbach Kaskaden

Weissenbach am Attersee (Upper Austria)

Family canyoning tour with slides and jumps but without abseiling points. Minimum age: 10 years

Monday to Friday:

€ 65,- per person
from 6 participants € 60,- per person

Weekends and Holidays:

€ 70,- per person
from 6 participants € 65,- per person

Group prices for companies, clubs, scouts, ... on request:

JUMPING (max. 3,5 m)

After you have received the equipment at our base at the exit of the Burggrabenklamm, we drive together (guests in their own car) for about 10 minutes to the Gimbbach Kaskaden car park.

From there we hike uphill for about 20 minutes to the start of the canyoning tour. There are many fun short slides and a few small jumps through the wide gorge of the Gimbbach down to the starting point of the tour. There are no abseiling points to overcome on the 60-90 minute descent through the gorge.

If you have never done canyoning and would like to experience passive abseiling directly through an impressive waterfall, we recommend the canyoning tour Burggrabenklamm.

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