Canyoning provider comparison

Group size - canyoning guide - equipment - advice - additional offers - price

As with outdoor activities like canyoning, the safety of the participants must come first, the price should not be the only criterion when choosing a trustworthy canyoning provider.

Tours that are offered on platforms such as Jochen Schweizer, Mydays, Jollydays, Salzburg Adventures, Upper Austria Adventures or Canyoning Profis Austria are usually found first using search engines. These agencies sell tours of the "actual" canyoning companies, at the same or similar prices, and collect a commission from the providers. Due to the abundance of offers on these platforms, it is very difficult to get information on details of the tours.

The sentence: "Canyoning is cool but cold" should not apply to good canyoning providers.

If the size of the group does not exceed seven to eight participants, long waiting times in which one cools off due to lack of exercise can be avoided.

Canyoning guides with a recognized examination have learned rope techniques in their training with which they can bring you down quickly and safely via abseiling or climbing passages.

Dense, hopefully clean, neoprene socks keep your feet warm in the canyoning shoes provided. In addition to the 5-7 millimeter thick neoprene suits, some companies also offer neoprene shirts as an additional insulation layer.

Every canyon offers different challenges. That is why a good description of the gorges on the website or personal advice when choosing a tour is particularly important.

Very few canyoning providers are lucky enough to have their seat directly at the entry or exit of a gorge and to be able to offer you shower facilities there. Showers are often advertised, but they are located in the camp many kilometers away.

Possible additional offers, such as videos from your own tour, should not be overlooked when comparing prices.