Outdoorfriends GesbR

Susanne Rosenegger / Hatzenbichler Roland / Gerald Kammerhuber
Austraße 59
4591 Molln

(+43) 664 7346 5825

Tax number: 172/7950
VAT number: ATU69542649

In order to be able to offer commercial canyoning tours in Austria, the consent of the property owner is mandatory. This approval is usually regulated through lease agreements and is of course associated with costs.

The Outdoorfriends GesbR has concluded contracts with the Austrian Federal Forests and private owners for the following gorges:

Strubklamm (Almbach between Faistenau and the Wiestal reservoir) synonym: Strub

Burggrabenklamm (Klausbach until shortly before the confluence with the Attersee)

Mitterweissenbach (short canyon in the Weissenbachtal) synonym: Devil´s Bathtube

Grabenbach (Side valley from the Rettenbach in Bad Ischl) synonym: Jabron

Since we have not concluded any contracts for the Taglesbach, Höllgraben (Magic Sunshine), Bruckgraben and Hohenzollern Waterfall (Aqua Cowboy), bookings for these tours are only passed on to canyoning providers who are authorized to lead these canyons.

In this case, the billing takes place via the authorized outdoor company.