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Canyoning in Salzburg, Upper Austria and Lower Austria
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Burggabenklamm XL the big brother of the Burggrabenklamm with more abseiling points, slides and jumps
Burggrabenklamm our tip for beginners
Strubklamm for all those who like to jump
Gimbbach Beginners tour with jumps and slides
Taglesbach (Aqua Splash) our recommendation for guests from Lower Austria and Vienna
Grabenbach (Jabron) for advanced users who are looking for a challenge
Bruckgraben for fit nature lovers
Höllgraben (Magic Sunshine) Beginners tour in the Pyhrn-Priel region
Hohenzollern Wasserfall (Aqua Cowboy) short abseiling canyon in the Salzkammergut


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Canyoning regions in Eastern Austria

Canyoning Salzburg Strubklamm
Canyoning Oberösterreich Hohenzollern Wasserfall, Grabenbach, Höllgraben
Canyoning Niederösterreich Taglesbach
Canyoning Salzkammergut

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Susi Rosenegger
Roland Hatzenbichler
Gerald Kammerhuber

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